Opportunity Center

Address: 316 Dixwell Avenue New Haven, CT 06511
Email: nhoc@newhavenct.gov
Phone: 203-946-8523

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

The New Haven Opportunity Center is a unique community employment and social services resource center. It is an easily accessible, one-stop resource center located in the "heart" of our Dixwell community.  In this location, New Haven residents will be introduced to a wide-ranging offering of very meaningful services to better serve you, our customers, in securing much needed advice and direction on career pathways and related citywide services that include: information and assistance related to employment, housing, education, and re-entry.

(See center schedule below).

New Haven Opportunity Center Schedule

316 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven, CT  06511



Liberty Community Services                                                                    9:00-12:00   

National Veterans Council for Legal

Redress                                                                       1:00-4:30


Mom’s Partnership                                        11:00-12:00     1:00-4:30

City of New Haven – Rental Rebate Program

May 16-Sept. 26 2017                                               10:00-12:00                 2:00-3:45


Liberty Community Services                                          9:00-12:00

National Veterans Council for Legal Redress           1:00-4:30




Liberty Community Services

The National Veterans Council for Legal Redress

The Mom’s Partnership

The Connecticut State Department of Social Services

CT Association for Human Services


For information on how your program might take part in rotational partnerships please contact Velma George at:


*For general inquiries or questions about services please contact: 203-946-8523 or email us at nhoc@newhavenct.gov

Now through 2018 and Subject to change.